Team Building From the Toy Aisle

by Matthew Broda, Michelle Cummings and Trevor Dunlap

It’s time to open grandma’s game closet and re-see some of the many toy and game classics (and new to you crowd favorites) in a new light. Using elements design, game-based, and experiential theories, we will deconstruct a wide range of existing mass-market games and re-envision them for use as purposeful and engaging tools for personal and organizational development.

Why Write a Book Like This?

Good question! In an age where a simple search for “team development” can yield an overwhelming array of disparate opinions and options, what can a text like this contribute to the conversation? How can it help you make sense of the noise? 

First, our focus in this book is on the deconstruction and assessment of readily accessible toys and games, not just on the toys and games themselves. Our ultimate goal is for you, the reader, to come away with a new set of tools that you can use to appraise any number of toys/games/activities you find in your local toy store or big box retailer. We don’t want to tell you what to buy, we want to teach you how to buy!

This book will include over 50 new activities that have been re-engineered from existing games or toys you can find in your favorite toy aisle.