Fortune Cookie Debrief

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The Fortune Cookie Debrief is a set of silk, reusable fortune cookies.  Our box was discontinued by the manufacturer, so we do not carry the box anymore, just the cookies.  We recommend using unused Chinese food take-out boxes to house your cookies. Order as many individual cookies as you need.

This activity is perfect for those corporate dinner meetings or kids groups where you want the participants to ask each other questions. Each fortune cookie can be loaded with a question of your choice; get to know you questions, processing questions, leadership questions, math problems or other discussion questions you want the group to discuss. Each set comes with reproducible questions ready for you to cut out and stuff into the fortune cookies.

It includes a reproducible handout full of icebreaker questions, leadership questions and processing questions.  

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I especially like the fortune cookie debrief kit that we bought from Training Wheels this year. Every group that we've used it with has asked where they can purchase one! Not only is it an attractive and fun debriefing tool, but it really puts some probing questions out there for the group to answer during their debriefing sessions. It's an especially great tool to use for our newer facilitators, who are just getting the knack of facilitating and debriefing. But our more experienced facilitators love it, too! I only wish we had this tool a few years ago when we started the program!

Thanks, Training Wheels!"  - Jennifer Doughney O'Keefe, Assistant Director of Instructional and Experiential Programs, Campus Recreation at DePaul University