Conversation Starter Buttons

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This assortment of buttons depicting a variety of images and slogans are perfect for getting a group interacting. They make for a great icebreaking conversations at the start of a program, for exploring roles and perspectives during a group experience, or as a unique processing tool.

Suggestions for Using “Conversation Starters” Pin Back Buttons

As an ice breaker or introductory activity: Place an assortment of the “conversation starter” buttons in a space where all group members have access to them. You might want them available as people enter the room for the first time to start the program. Choosing the buttons gives participants something to focus on during what can sometimes be an awkward “pre-group” time.

Ask participants to choose a button that represents their mood or attitude, quality, strength or expectations they are bringing to the day/program.

Depending on the size of the group, have participants choose partners and share about why they picked the button they did. If it is appropriate have them share with the whole group.

Allow participants to wear the button for the day. They can inspire insightful conversations and add a sense of fun and camaraderie.

At the end of the day or program, use them in closing to report on any changes in their attitudes, strengths or perspectives.

As a processing or debriefing/reflection activity: Have group members choose a button that represents one of the following ideas:

*what unique aspect they are willing to contribute to the group
*what they believe to be the purpose for being together
*the role they took during an activity or in the group process
*their perspective on what the group achieved
*how they have changed throughout the group experience
*a key learning or attitude they will take away from the experience

Mixed Assorted Buttons: assortment of buttons will have you prepared for all kinds of groups and situations. Buttons come in colorful storage drawstring bag includes facilitation ideas.