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New team building initiative called Xylophone.  This activity was created by our good friend Guido Cremonisi from Italy, and we are currently having these produced in the US.  We hope to have these in stock in March!

The Task is for teams to place 10 different sized wooden sticks placed in the right order in a custom rack. If placed in the right order, all the sticks will be at the same level (they will have the same height)


  • Only one person at a time can leave the seminar room an go where the rack is (playing area)
  • The same person can leave a second time only when all the other team members have been outside too (you can go outside one at a time and in turn)
  • This sequence of visiting can be repeated as many time you want (no limited numbers of visit)
  • While you’re in the playing area, you’re not allowed to talk with the other members of the team
  • Once in the playing area you can do one of the two moves allowed:
    • Put in 2 sticks
    • Remove 2 sticks
  • You can not exchange the position of two sticks
  • It is not allowed to move, turn, move the rack
  • Is not allowed to look down into the rack holes, measuring in any way their depth
  • Writing (or other way of recording information) is not allowed
  • Teams have 40 min. to accomplish the task