Word Circle Puzzles Book

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This consists of a 60 page manual for you to copy and create your own set of Word Circles. There are 17 puzzles included in the manual.

The basic idea of Word Circle Puzzles is to take a combination of ‘single’ words and link them together with another word so that they form common (and in some cases, not-so-common) phrases, words and other arrangements. For example, a common phrase from two words might be ‘Board Game’ or ‘Finger Food’. Common words from two single words might be ‘infuse’ or ‘weekend’.

Examples of card-to-card arrangements include:
  • Compound words (e.g., Catwalk)
  • Commonly known expressions (e.g., Peace out)
  • Words that commonly occur in sequence (e.g., Set Match – from tennis)
  • Proper nouns (e.g., Kingpin)
  • Word combinations missing the punctuation
The Challenge: The challenge of Word Circle Puzzles is to connect a group of these single words so that in the end there is a continuous circle of words where every two words (reading the circle clockwise – to the right) combined together form either one single word, a two-word phrase or other arrangement noted above.

For example, given the four following Word Cards:

Day, Team, Dream, Game

The physical arrangement of the cards would be:

Day, Dream, Team, Game

Because this arrangement creates the following combinations:

‘Daydream’, ‘Dream Team’, ‘Team Game’ and ‘Game Day’

Another way to look at this is to imagine four players standing together in a circle, each holding one of the Word Cards. The ‘Day’ player stands next to the ‘Dream’ player, who is standing next to the ‘Team’ player. The ‘Team’ player is standing next to the ‘Game’ player who is standing next to the ‘Day’ player. Thus, creating a physical representation of the Word Circle Puzzle solution (see photo).

Includes Templates for 17 different puzzles ranging from 3-22 words per circle. 12 Presentation Ideas and multiple pages of facilitation notes.