Webbing - 15 foot Section

Training Wheels Gear

$ 6.99 

One section of 1 inch tubular webbing, 15 foot in length. These webbing sections can be used for Raccoon Circle activities or other team webbing activities. Colors vary.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"We at Amherst use the Webbing we have for Raccoon Circles all the time! The Raccoon Circles are great and the students love going from circle to circle, doing a new activity and seeing who gets to leave next. We also use the Webbing when we make circles hold hands and pass them without touching along with hoola hoops. The kids realize it takes a great deal more cooperation and concentration to pass the Webbings rather than the hoops. The kids come up with some excellent suggestions to help each other be successful."

Jane Keyes Ames, Amherst Regional High School, Physical Education Department Head