Virtual Slide Show

Training Wheels Gear

$ 2.25 

This is a simple and fun debriefing activity to use.

Ask your participants to think of 2-3 pictures or slides that they would want to present about the day. Pass the clicker around the group (or use your tongue and make believe clicker) and tell them to 'click' as they tell the group about and present each slide. Have them point the clicker at their 'virtual' slide screen as they are talking about their slide. It has an uncanny way of taking the spotlight off of the speaker and onto the slide show. Great for those participants who don't like 10 people staring at them while they are talking! If they are looking at their slide, they are concentrating on the picture they are describing and not the 10 people listening to them talk.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"My favorite piece of equipment is the clicker - it is such a unique sound - and by using it to have kids create their own power point processing slide show, the clicker almost makes the kids share more. Great tool!!"

~Ann Torbert, ISU Extension, Marion, IA