The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders

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The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders, by Jim Morris, is a thoughtful and provocative work – a “how to” that includes inspiring personal examples and best practices from the top leaders in business today. Straightforward and clear-cut, The Five Insights includes a series of exercises that will encourage you to develop the essential character traits or “insights” necessary to become a great, enduring leader. Author Jim Morris builds a compelling case for leadership based on The Five Insights and directed by the compass of social and environmental responsibility. The process begins with understanding the most complex, intangible, mysterious organism on the planet. You.  30% Off Discount Offer

Recommendations: At last, a book on leadership that talks about real people; peole who build our country, serve our youth, preserve our environment and work everyday to make the world a better place. The Five Insights reminds us that the purpose of business and leaders is to serve society and improve the human condition. --Congressman Mark E. Udall, 2nd District of Colorado, United States House of Representatives

The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders combines great storytelling with a crisp view of the universal, enduring "insignts" that all leaders require today. Jim Morris will take you on a valuable journey and teach you to lead with authenticity 'from the inside out.' --Kevin Cashman, Founder and CEO of LeaderSource, Best Selling Author of Leadership from the Inside Out and Awakening the Leader Within.

Effective leadership demands keen understanding of the complex world around us and honest self-awareness of our own strengths and limitations. Jim Morris's The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders offers practical wisdom, distilled from years of counseling top level managers of companies large and small, on how to enhance and integrate these essential skills. rich with compelling examples, his book is a must read for leaders committed to make a real contribution to their organizations and communities. --Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School.