Stop N Go Pre-brief

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Stop N Go PRE-brief

This unique tool includes directions that help groups identify behavioral goals, solve some brain teaser puzzles and debrief a team experience.

Here is an example of one of the activities in the instruction manual:

Stop N Go PRE-brief

As a PRE-brief or front-loading tool, the Stop ‘N Go works well after you are already into a sequence of activities. When sequencing a group experience, it can be used on the 3rd or 4th activity, after participants have started to show group behavior patterns. I pull out the marbles and say;

“A traffic light is used to direct motorists. The lights convey information to drivers to keep things flowing smoothly. Let’s take a moment to look at things we need to do to keep moving forward….”

Then I go through the colors and have the group give suggestions.

RED: Are there things happening that need to STOP in order for us to progress? (Teasing, horseplay, put-downs, blaming, etc.)

YELLOW: Are there things we need to be CAUTIOUS of as we continue? (Safety factors, listening to all ideas, respect, personal choices and boundaries….)

GREEN: Are there goals or things we want to GO for? (Group goals stated previously, encourage more, time limits….)

Hand the marbles around as a  focusing point, giving each person the opportunity to say something if they want to. Keep the discussion moving quickly, avoiding a big debate on ideas. Ask the group which suggestions they want to adopt as a group, keeping it to just a couple ideas for each color. This will make it easier for the group to keep track of what they are working toward. The marbles may also become symbols of group growth and achievement.