Rise Again by Jim Cain

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A novel based on the lyrics of Canadian Folk Legend Stan Rogers epic song, the Mary Ellen Carter. Set in Atlantic Canada and filled with hardship, friendship, tragedy, triumph, music, love, and most of all …hope!

Author Jim Cain takes you on a journey starting in Rochester, New York and traveling eastward to the Canadian Maritimes, through Nova Scotia and onto western Newfoundland, ending up in Corner Brook and the coastal town of Cow Head, Newfoundland (just south of Three Mile Rock). After the sinking of the ship, the captain s son, several of his friends and a cadre of locals do the impossible and raise the ship again. Jim Cain was granted permission to write this tribute to Stan Rogers by Ariel Rogers and released the first printing of the book in the middle of the global Coronavirus pandemic, right when what the world needed was a little more hope.