One Hat At A Time

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Any significant achievement involves a huge amount of effort, right? Breaking a bad habit, fixing a bad relationship, completing a complex project --they all take a long time and require hard work, correct?

The surprising truth is that a playful approach gets almost any task accomplished both faster and better. What’s needed is not more drudgery, but more creativity -- not more discipline, but more flexibility -- not more plodding, but more dancing.

But where to find the creativity, gain the flexibility, and learn to dance?

That’s where One Hat At A Time momentum cards come in. Anyone can use this deck in a variety of ways to stop procrastinating and get moving, to stop feeling bogged down and start feeling energized.

Intellectual knowledge of how to change and progress is not enough. Practical suggestions for new ways to look at things and simple actions that will get the ball rolling are much more effective. And that’s exactly what this deck of hats provides.

Pick a card, any card, and you’re on your way to moving forward with all the energy you’ve wanted. You’ll soon discover that One Hat At A Time is a powerful means to blasting through obstacles and opening up opportunities in your life.

Deck contains an 8-page guidebook and 32 hat cards, complete with the picture of the hat and processing questions to ask for each one.

size of cards 0.88" x 5.88" x 4.63"

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I have taken back many ideas to use after participating in Michelle’s presentations on how to use processing tools. I have had powerful experiences with groups using the Inside Outside Cards and the One Hat at a Time cards as well as using many others. Michelle has and continues to develop tools that promote dialog, enhance connections and complement topics such as, social awareness, social justice and diversity. Thank you for your creativity and dedication."

~Angel Ekstrom, Plymouth University