Meet & Greet Thumball

Training Wheels Gear

$ 17.99 

Thumballs are a fun, innovative way for participants to get acquainted. Stimulates social conversation and develops inter-personal communication skills. Showing interest in others by asking questions and actively listening to responses lays a foundation for friendships and improved relationships.

The Meet & Greet Thumball™ is the perfect icebreaker for people of all ages to get to know each other. Throw it, catch it, respond to the panel under a thumb. A special favorite for kids of all ages to interact, build friendships and reinforce positive social skills. This Thumball is geared more towards a corporate icebreaker environment.
Players share ideas, experiences and personal preferences. Allows discovery of similarities and differences and genuine interest in each other’s lives. Builds collaborative and inter-personal skills at work, school and home.

Yellow/Red, 32 panels. 6 inch