Icebreaker Thumball

Training Wheels Gear

$ 17.99 


The name says it all! One of the best “icebreakers” ever! Learn more about yourself and others with participation in this team building activity. Allows adults of all ages to get to know each other. Great for parties, at home, out around town, corporate trainings and team building, counseling and therapy.

Adds interest to get-togethers, club meetings, training sessions, group therapy and meetings.

Throw it. Catch it. Look under a thumb. React to it! 

* Easy: Answer for self
* Hard: Recall all answers given
* Difficult: Predict responses of others

Play ideas for the Ice Breaker Thumball is more loosely defined and include the following:

Players must provide an answer within 30 seconds that appropriately relates to the question to earn a point. If that space comes up again under another players thumb, the player must provide their response to earn a point PLUS if the player can recall the other players answer they earn a bonus point.  Play to 20 points.

 Silver/Black, 32 panels. 6 inch