Training Wheels Gear

$ 10.99 


The Funderbird is a great energizer. Ask the group to keep it up in the air. The combination of feathers and heavy base provides some strange flights. Juggling it 20 times can be a challenge in itself. Each funderbird is complete with three feathers and one base. Sold separately.

Funderbirds provide a hand version of the hacky-sack, or becomes a suitable replacement for beach ball and balloon games. The challenge here is simply to keep the Funderbird up in the air as long as possible.

Typical Presentation, Storyline, or Metaphor:  Successfully learning a skill, and then applying that skill is valuable. The ability of the group to learn and demonstrate their mastery of the Funderbird has a direct relationship to their abilities to learn and master other skills.

Important Points:  For those that are not especially skilled in hacky-sack playing, this includes the Funderbird creator, Funderbirds provide another opportunity to participate, and still hide ourless-than-coordinated talents. This activity can also be performed with a seated audience.

Discussion and Debriefing Topics:  Were you able to successfully control the Funderbird?  Did you manage to learn any techniques from other members of the Group?

Sequence:  Funderbirds work well to pull a group together at the beginning of a program, or after amid-program break.