Feelings Playing Cards

Training Wheels Gear

$ 14.95 

Use these cards as a processing tool or use them like a regular deck of cards to play games with. 52 cards (3" x 4") in this deck.

Participants become familiar with 30 different feelings as they play these fun card games. Juvenile Cards. GoFeelings (Go Fish), Frustrated (Old Maid), Concentration Bingo, Feeling-0, Crazy 8's, Snap, Beggar My Neighbor, Twenty One (21) Slapjack and Rummy.

1. Spread the cards out in front of your group and ask them to pick a feeling flashcard that would best describe a feeling that had during the game/program.

2. Ask participants to pick a card that best describes how they feel at the beginning of the day. Revisit the same activity at the end of the day and see if they still feel that way or if they have changed moods.