Emoticon Debrief

Training Wheels Gear

$ 27.99 


Emoticon Debrief are a set of 5 squeezable emoticon wobbler faces that depict different emotions. They are a tool that facilitators, counselors, teachers, and psychologists can use to help participants share and express their feelings. There are numerous ways you can use them. A popular method is to put the faces in the center of the sharing circle and ask each participants to pick a face that best describes a feeling that they experienced. Each participants then shares why they chose the feeling they did.

Other suggestions for use:

  • Free-writing and Journaling: encourage participants to write about a time they experienced one of the feelings.
  • Role Playing: invite participants to act out a scene from a time they felt a specific emotion.
  • Recognizing Other's Emotions: Ask participants to share a story about someone they know that seemed to express one of the emotions.
  • Group Juggle: Throw them into your Group Juggle bag as a great tossable. They use all of the items in your Group Juggle bag as 'talking pieces' and ask participants to chose one item that metaphorically represents an experience they had.

There are 5 faces in each set with the expressions of: Angry, Apathetic, Happy, Stressed, and Wacky. Children and adults both love to play and process with these squeezable faces. The squishy material can assist in relieving stress as well.