DEIB Process Cards

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This deck of DEIB Processing Cards accompanies the DEIB Field Guide to facilitate deeper discussions of each chapter, and to invite people to participate in examining issues of DEIB together in dialogue.


How to use these cards:

Have your Group select a chapter to read together.  Then, pick a card that matches that chapter and invite each member of the group to select a question that fits within their emotional comfort level (green, yellow, or red) to reflect on what they read together.  


These cards are inspired by the work of Dr Nina Roberts.  The DEIB Field Guide was created to be used by leaders, practitioners, and researchers working with groups to address the challenges of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their programs and organizations.  It is a book of personal experiences, raised voices, and differing opinions that embody the spirit of Dr. Nina Roberts and address social challenges that have existed and still exist today.

Nina's call to action is:  "We must each learn to challenge systems, change institutional injustices, and more.  We must all do our part to show up, speak up, and not tolerate hate and injustice.  Be brave, be bold, be inspirational.  Now is the time for new changes and transformation.  In the process, reach deep down to share empathy, be patient with yourself and each other, and be authentic in your exchange of love, laughter, fear, and hope.


The DEIB Field Guide is sold separately.  The cards will not make much sense if you do not purchase the book.