Training Wheels Gear

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Let’s revisit a time where screens didn’t obscure our vision; where human interaction wasn’t mediated through “snaps” or posts and qualified by “likes”; where we sat eye-to-eye, connected over the simplest of tools; where friends, networks, and collaborative moments were made by simply asking, “Hey, wanna play?” Let’s tap into our intra-kindergartener-consciousness and explore the renewed promise of the first teambuilding accessory we ever knew - blocks!

Crowd Cubes is an engaging, exciting, and cerebral multipurpose tool you can add to your team building repertoire. A CrowdCubes© set is 27 individual cubes that represent several different “families” of attributes. These features combine to allow for complex problem solving, high energy game play, and deep purposeful discussions. 

Included with the CrowdCubes set is a curriculum book that features three activities. The range of these activities allows for facilitation of introductory experiences as well as transformational experiences that engage complex and thought-provoking discussions and behaviors.

Click here for an activity write up called Nine Lives, an icebreaker using CrowdCubes.