Conversation Cards

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Many facilitators know that all you need is a good question to get a group of people to start talking, sharing, and connecting. Conversation Cards is a tool designed to stimulate conversation, get to know others on a deeper level, and to explore the issues of risk, trust, and emotional safety within a group.

Creator: Lisa Blockus-Brown

The Conversation Cards concept is simple: a series of thought provoking questions written on cards and are then divided into categories organized around level of risk and self-disclosure.

The low risk category includes general questions about likes, dislikes, and other safe topics. This category is high on fun and a great way to get acquaintances better connected. An example of a question in this category is “what is your favorite holiday?”

Medium risk questions go a bit beyond surface conversation and get people to reveal a little more about themselves. An example of a conversation starter this category is “what three words would you most like said about you?”

The high risk category include questions that require a fair amount of personal reflection, self-awareness, and a sense of vulnerability with the group to give a genuine response. “What is something that you wish your friends or family better understood about you?” is an example of the kinds of questions included in this category.

Over 200 people around the country took part in evaluating the questions and sorted them into the 3 levels of perceived risk. Use has shown that these questions foster great discussion and discovery among teams and groups of people.

Conversation Cards have proven to be a versatile tool to bring people together. People have used the cards informally around a campfire, over a meal, in the car, and as a break during a business meeting. The cards can also be used as a part of a formal activity with specific outcomes and goals. One structured activity to try is to place the cards in three piles based on the risk level. Each individual takes a turn by drawing a card from ANY pile. The participant then reads the question and shares his/her answer. Try several rounds of this and watch the risk taking level in the group go up as they become more connected and more willing to share.

Laminated card set.