Basic Cube

Training Wheels Gear

$ 94.99 


After marketing the very popular Puzzle Cube version of our portable PVC spider’s web (the one that makes 5 different cube sizes, and can be used for a dozen other activities as well), we had several requests for a simplified Cube, and here it is!

The Basic Cube, from Teamwork & Teamplay, is based upon the most requested size cube, 36 inches per side, which works well for youth and adult participants.  The Basic Cube assembles quickly and easily with only three different parts: 8 corner elbows, 12 side tubes and one plastic base.  If you’d like a cube for your group, but want to simplify the assembly process (and save a few bucks) here it is!  Just slide each tube into a corner connector and balance the cube on the included stand and you are ready to go.  Directions for 6 activities you can facilitate with the PVC equipment for The Basic Cube included.