Traffic Debrief

One of our favorite debriefing tools is the Traffic Debrief. Set these parts out in front of your group to set the stage for targeted metaphoric processing. Each part can be used independently or as a complete set.

Stoplight: What are you doing well? (green light) What do you need to be careful of? (yellow light) What do you need to stop doing? (red light).  Or another variation:  What do you need to Stop, Start or Continue?  

Hard Hat: What areas are you being hard headed in? What do you need to protect yourself from? Often times hard hats are worn in construction/dangerous areas. When do you put on your construction hat each day?

School Bus: What did you learn today? What does the school bus represent to you? For some it is a fun thing that takes us to sporting events where we can shine at our natural talents. For others it is an unsupervised cage where kids are mean to each other, or it takes kids to a place where bullying and conflict happen on a daily basis. What does the school bus mean to you?

Traffic Cone: What problems do we need to avoid? What do we need to be careful of?

Police Car: Who do we go to if we need help? Who protects us? Do we follow the rules all of the time or just when the 'rule enforcer' is nearby? What emotions do you feel when you see a police car?

Tire: What do we need to keep the wheels turning? How do we continue forward motion?

Fire Extinquisher: Where's the fire? What started it? What do we need to do to put out the fire? How do we prevent the fire from getting bigger?

7 parts packaged in a 5x8 inch, snazzy stuff sack. The stress relievers are all made of polyurethane. Latex free.

~Created by Michelle Cummings