Tinker: Building Purposeful Experiences from Classic Adventure Activities

TINKER  is like no other book of activities you’ve ever read. If you want to take the depth and dimension of your facilitation skills to another level, you need a copy!

Tinker: Building Purposeful Experiences from Classic Adventure Activities has something for everyone: Instructions to the classic games for the new practitioner, plus the various modifications and framings we apply to them to meet specific outcomes.

Our team is constantly sharing knowledge with each other, whether it be stories at the end of the day, planning upcoming sessions, or simply playing together. In early discussions, an observation emerged, that not all adventure educators have the opportunities we do for team collaboration as they deliver their work to others. Lightbulb! What started as a process of simply documenting our favorite activities became a reflection of our program design process: start with a plan, stay present, and honor the power of framing. “Let’s share how we are with each other… let’s put the reader in this room with us to hear how we tinker and talk and share with each other.”

Tinker is written by the entire facilitation team at High 5, blending over 100 years of combined experience.  We capture the essential instructions our favorite activities, and add narrative and suggestions for each of them, showing you how to change outcomes and themes by making only slight modifications.  (Brown, Damboise, Globus-Hoenich, Grout, Hunt, McCormick, Moore, Wagner)

Tinker is illustrated beautifully by Ryan McCormick, with art that captures the imagination and is sure to inspire the reader