Silver Bullets

SILVER BULLETS: A Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games, and Trust Activities.  (25th Anniversary Edition)

Silver Bullets is a guide to initiative problems, adventure games and trust activities. The activities of this book have all been used effectively by a variety of teachers, counselors, therapists, camp directors and church leaders. All have wanted an effective, engaging way to bring people together to build trust, and to break down the artificial barriers between individuals and groups of individuals.

The curricula is alive and engaging; it is sequenced and adapted by practitioners to meet the needs of each group it serves. As formal curricula, these activities have been evaluated as having improved self-concept, enhanced the ability of members to take risks, and strengthened the willingness of group members to cooperate and work well together.

For whatever age, these "Silver Bullets" can make a difference in your program and the people with whom you work.

Edition: 02
Copyright 2010