Sectioned Hula Hoops

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Every portable program needs these sectional hula hoops. Each section is approximately 2 feet long. There are 18 sections in a set, enough for three hula hoops. You can adjust the size of the hoops from small to medium to large based on the number of segments you put in each hoop. Very lightweight and portable!

Activity idea:  Hoop Pass

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Cooperation, Opener/Closer

Props Needed: Hula Hoop/Webbing circle, Stopwatch

Process: This event is both a typical warm-up activity and an opportunity for cooperation. With the entire group holding hands in a circle, ask them to pass a hula hoop completely around the circle.

Have the group form a circle and join hands. Insert a hula hoop or webbing circle between two people so it rests on their conjoined hands. Instruct the group that the hoop must pass through the entire group, starting and ending at the same spot, without letting go of the person next to them. Use the stopwatch to time them. After their first time, ask the group if they feel they can do better than that time. Do it about 3 times and see if they decrease their time each time. Encourage participants that this is not a race (unless that is what you would like). After completing one full circle, the facilitator can add a second hula hoop, (at least one section smaller than the other hoop), and ask that one hula hoop move to the left (clockwise), while the second hula hoop moves to the right (counterclockwise).

Debriefing Topics: If you start your program with this activity, come back to it at the end of the day to see if they had learned anything about working together and about communication.

• How did the group cooperate during the activity? • Were you worried about slowing the group down when the hoop came to you? • What were some feelings that came up during the process? • How can you decrease your time even more?