Images of Organisations

Training Wheels Gear

$ 149.99 

This RSVP Design toolbox contains three copies of 16 carefully designed and selected images drawn in an attractive cartoon style. It can be used to open a development session in a very participative style ensuring that delegates can freely express their current emotions, and provide a check on the development objectives. It can also be used at the end of a session to monitor progress made or to develop some further objectives for the next stage of development. Used over time the selection of more positive or negative imagery can also provide a check on the progress of a group.

The images represent a range of experiences and emotions, many of which will be familiar to anyone working in an organisation, sitting on a committee or attending regular meetings!

The images include some strong, negative emotions such as:  Frustration, Confusion, Isolation
and some very positive shared experiences including:

*The successful achievement of a challenging task
*The satisfaction of working in a skilled and specialist team
*The motivation of working in a competitive and stimulating environment.

The facilitator guide provides includes a number of suggestions for using these durable cartoon images in a number of training, development or meeting/conference scenarios.