GivaGeta Cards, Educational Kindness

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This unique deck of playing cards have 52 Educational Kindness sayings on each card, created by GivaGeta Smiles. Each deck includes 52 traditional playing cards and two jokers, all with fun "GivaGeta" Kindness Messages. Play your favorite card games plus 3 "GivaGeta" Kindness Games. Game instruction cards are included. Come in TWO sizes 2x3 and 5x7

We like to use these as an icebreaker activity.  Hand each participant a card and ask them how they Give or Get whatever message is written on their card.  For example:  If I had the card Give Trust, Get Trust, I would discuss with my partner how I give or get trust in my work on a regular basis.  (you can substitute 'work' for school, family, camp, etc).  Each partner would share a response.  Then they would trade cards and find a new partner for a new discussion.

This is a great compliment to Training Wheels founder, Michelle Cummings' book, Playing With a Full Deck.

Examples of quotes found on the cards:

Give a Smile....Get a Smile™
Give Respect....Get Respect™
Give a Song....Get along™
Give Friendship....Get Friendship™

Have fun and build character values with GivaGeta Educational Kindness Messages.