Gertie Ball

We looked high and low for a ball we could use in our programs that wouldn't hurt if you were hit at high velocity.  After all of our field testing, the Gertie Ball is hands-down our top choice!  

Here is a game we love that uses TWO of the Gertie Balls:

Pro-ball Instructions

Set up a large circle with marker cones.  It is important to have specific boundaries for the game.

There are a lot of rules for this game.  That is what makes it unique and the participants will usually manage the rules on their own.  You will need two balls for this game.  They need to be balls that are soft-in-nature, so it does not hurt if you get slammed with high force.  High velocity throws are a strong probability in this game.  We recommend the Gertie Ball.

Rules of play:

  1. To start the game: Have all of your participants stand on the inside of the circle.  Go over all of the rules of play and make sure there are no questions.  It is important that everyone understands the rules before you begin.  Give ‘live’ slow-motion examples of the rules as you explain them if necessary.
  2. After the rules have been given the facilitator begins the game by holding both balls in the center of the circle, tossing them up into the air and yelling, “PRO-BALL!”

Rules of the game:

  1. You may only have a ball in your possession for 5 seconds. If you hold it for longer than 5 seconds you are out until the next person gets out.  (One-one thousand, Two-one thousand, Three-one thousand……….) 
  2. If you get hit with a ball and do not catch it, you are out until the person that threw the ball at you gets out. When the person that threw the ball at you gets out, you may re-enter the game.
  3. If someone throws a ball at you and you catch it, the person that threw the ball is out. They are out until you get out.
  4. If you go outside the boundaries while someone with a ball is chasing you, you are out until the person that was chasing you is out.
  5. You may only take three steps once you have the ball in your possession. Once you have taken three steps you must stand in one place.  Like in basketball, if you lift your foot on the third step (like a traveling call) that is considered a fourth step and you are out until the next person gets out.
  6. If the ball goes out of bounds, one person may go after the ball. You may run with the ball until you get to the boundary circle.  You must re-enter the circle in the same place where the ball left the circle.  You may only take three steps from this position.
  7. You may only have one ball in your possession at a time.
  8. Have fun!