Introducing GAMEpockets! This new game board was created by Chris Cavert at FunDoing. Chris has authored numerous books in the teambuilding industry, including The Empty Bag, 50 Ways To Use Your Noodle and The More The Merrier (three of my personal favs!).

The GAMEpocket game board is a small felt double-sided game board with foam game pieces. One side of the board has a 13 x 13 grid and the other side has an 8 x 8 grid. It plays over a dozen games and the instructions are included.

Chris made a limited quantity of these game boards so we will carry them until they run out! They are ultra-lightweight and easy to throw into your bag of tricks.

Here is one game that is played with the 13 x 13 grid.

Props Needed: one GAMEpocket boardgame and game pieces, using the 13x13 grid.
Go-MoKo - originated from Japan (2 or 3 Players) Players start with an empty board and all their pieces off to the side. All players need an equal number of game pieces (26 to 30) and each player needs a different color (or object). The objective of the game is to place five of your game pieces in a row - straight line - in any direction (V, H, or D). Players take turns placing one of their game pieces on any square of the board. Once a piece has been placed it cannot be moved again (there are no captures in this game). If all the spaces on the board are filled without a five-in-a-row the game is a draw, or players can take turns moving one game piece one place in any direction until five-in-a-row is achieved. (For a 3-player game you will need another set of game pieces - be creative.)