Feelings Flashcards

To our popular feelings line we have added Feelings Flashcards. Each pack contains 30 (4" x 6") feelings cards, each has a full color face on the front and the corresponding word on the back in 25 languages. 

The 25 languages are: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Esperanto, Finnish, Romanian, Modern Greek, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Irish (Gaelic), Danish, and Turkish.

Suggested uses:

1. Spread the cards out in front of your group and ask them to pick a feeling flashcard that would best describe a feeling that had during the program.

2. Ask participants to pick a card that best describes how they feel at the beginning of the day. Revisit the same activity at the end of the day and see if they still feel that way or if they have changed moods.

3. Let participants choose faces that best describe how other people appear to them, such as teammates, classmates, friends or family members. Discuss why they feel the way they do.