Book of Raccoon Circles

by Dr. Jim Cain and Dr. Tom Smith introduction by Karl Rohnke

You may have heard of Raccoon Circles before. This is "The Book" that contains the official information. It is complete with pictures, illustrations, processing information, history, references, and even success stories using the circles.

What is a Raccoon Circle?

It is a loop of one-inch nylon webbing often used for rock climbing and rappelling. Fifteen feet of webbing forms a loop large enough to accommodate 12 adults or 15 children. The webbing comes in a wide variety of colors. It is strong, light-weight, and durable. The book contains hundreds of ways to use the webbing in settings such as education, teambuilding, and leadership development.

We at Training Wheels absolutely love Raccoon Circle activities. If we were ever stranded on a deserted island to do a team development workshop, our first tool we would choose would be Raccoon Circles. We could program for days using tubular webbing! We also sell the webbing here on our site if you need it!

The 2007 edition added over 75 new activities! Be sure to pick up your copy today.