Basics Kit

Training Wheels Gear

$ 974.99 

The Basics Kit includes the basics for new and seasoned facilitators. All activities are easy to understand, set up, and are the simple go to activities for seasoned facilitators. This Kit contains the basics of what Training Wheels brings to our training programs to provide influential and educational experiences to challenge, energize and re-focus any team.

Features: 16 props for over 300 different activities that provide the right combination for a wide variety of games and initiatives suitable for groups ranging from youth to corporate programs. Activities include:
o Helium Pole
o Blind Line Up
o Key Punch
o Invisible Maze / Peek-a-who
o Raccoon Circles/Trust Circle
o Body Part Debrief
o Human Handcuffs
o Group Juggle
o Lily Pads
o Deck of Cards

Publications: Facilitator Field Guide

Used indoors or outdoors. Great for enhancing classroom curriculum, camp programming, human resource departments, and off-site activities.

High quality wheeled duffel holds labeled prop grab bags, keeping props organized and easy to find.

Field Guide contains concise, easy-to-read instructions for all activities and includes no-prop activities you can do anywhere.

Everything from name games, ice breakers, consensus tools, energizers, diversity activities, problem solving initiatives, trust activities, and debriefing tools are all included in this kit.

Some of the Organizations that have and recommend our Basics Kit:
-Waunakee Middle School
-Baltimore County Schools (68 of them!)
-Girl Scouts of Chicago
-Kansas State University
-University of Wyoming
-Adams County School District 50
-Woodland Middle School
-Towson University, Department of Kinesiology
-Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation
-Naval Support Activity
-Pikes Peak Mental Health

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