May the 4th Be With You!

Today is the 4th of May, and I love a good play on words.  I also have two teenage boys (and husband!) who love the Star Wars movies, so they each wore their favorite 'geek' t-shirt to school today.

For today's newsletter, I have two Ropes Course jokes for you.  Today seemed like a good day to be silly, so today's tip is to have a little fun!

First joke:
Did you know that Luke Skywalker was a good teambuilding facilitator as well?  He was always telling people, "Metaphors be with you!"

Second joke:
Did you know that Speedy Gonzales was a Ropes Course facilitator?  He was always saying, "On belay, On belay, On belay!"

Ok, so they aren't good jokes, but they made me giggle so I thought I'd pass them along on International Star Wars Day, May 4th.  Be a teambuilding Jedi!  Metaphors Be With You!  

Have fun out there, 
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