FUNdoing interview with Chris Cavert

Facilitator Tip: FUNdoing interview with Chris Cavert
Last November I had the privilege of sitting down with dear friend, colleague and fellow teambuilding author, Chris Cavert of FUNdoing.  Chris was the very first person I met in my first class in graduate school at Minnesota State University at Mankato.  We were both attending getting our Master's degree in Experiential Education.  Since then he has authored eight books in the teambuilding field including a few of my favorites, The Empty Bag, Portable Teambuilding Activities and The More the Merrier.

Chris puts out a weekly newsletter as well and he interviewed me on what my Top 10 teambuilding activities are.  
Check out the interview here!  

To celebrate I'm putting all of Chris' books on sale in my store today (plus about 10 others!)  Visit our Activities Book Section on our online store and stock up today!  And remember, all orders over $100 ship for free!

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