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Facilitator Tip: Change Debrief
Last week my post about the Human Continuum activity was one of our most popular newsletters in a long time!  (Click here if you missed it.)  I thought I would build off of that momentum and talk about another activity I use in tandem with it from time to time:  Change Debrief

One of the topics/cards I frequently use in the Human Continuum activity is 'I Embrace Change or I Resist Change.'  With this topic, I find that how you react or feel about change is likely something you are wired with from a very early age.  If I look at my two boys (ages 13 & 15), my youngest strongly prefers structure and routine, and if there is a change in his routine it can stress him out.  My oldest is very go-with-the-flow and rolls with whatever gets thrown at him.  They've always been like this, even from the time they were very little.  It doesn't mean that my youngest can't adapt to change, it just means it takes extra effort and energy for him to do it.  

Translate this to the real world, and adults and change are very similar.  Many years ago I found a story online about how different things react or change when placed in hot boiling water.  At the time I read the story, I was working with an organization that was going through some pretty significant changes.  I decided to use the metaphors of the story and relate it to how members of the organization were reacting to the change.  It was a remarkable conversation, and everyone left the program feeling better after getting to express how they were feeling during the change.  

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