Debriefing Techniques

Debriefing is a term used in experiential education to describe a question and answer session with participants. These talking sessions are generally thought to be a 'sit down' circle where the Facilitator asks questions and the participants answer. Although this can be an effective debriefing technique, if it is the only technique used, participants can become bored with it and can become easily distracted.

Debriefing an experience helps participants connect lessons and activities they learned in a workshop or program to the outside world. It is a very important piece of experiential education and learning as a whole. If participants are not allowed to reflect on their experiences and relate them to the outside world, then a lot of the learning may be lost. So including debriefing is really valuable after powerful experiences in your program. And mixing up your debriefing activities will keep participants engaged in what they are learning and allow you to create more teachable moments. 
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